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Universal Customer Care is a platform and service provider in the area of Customer Relationship Management. Their upcoming release of their software platform involves four different scrum teams working on four different components with co-ordination at a release level being facilitated by a Release Manager. The software releases happen every quarter. The release manager co-ordinates a release planning session working with the business and the scrum teams at the end of which teams make a broad commitment for a set of features (broken down into epics and stories). Teams work in 2-week sprints (6 sprints for a typical release followed by a week of hardening) with the release manager coordinating release commitments and dependency management through a scrum of scrum mechanism. There is a management review every month involving the Delivery Head for the platform team, Product Manager for the software platform, Release Manager and the Scrum Masters of the four different teams. The organization has been using Scrum for several years now and teams are fairly mature collaborating well with product management and operating in a self-organized manner.

At the end of month 1 for the current release, Warriors and Dolphins, two of the four teams working on the release are somewhat behind on their commitments meeting only 50% of the committed stories in sprint 1 and 70% of the committed stories in sprint 2, while the other two teams are on track.  Given that it is only a 3-month release, there is perhaps a significant risk involved in not delivering on overall commitments for the program.

What would be your recommendation in terms of how the management should approach their first monthly review? What follow-up actions do you foresee?