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CHOW #268 – Who do you support?

CHOW #268 – Who do you support?

You are an agile coach working with a group of middle managers as part of an enterprise transformation effort. There are coaches at senior leadership level up in the hierarchy and lower in the scrum team level. Middle managers are going about the transformation effort...

Four lessons learnt while coaching leaders

Four lessons learnt while coaching leaders

I have been working with leaders in the last few years as an agile coach. When I say ‘leaders’, these are people in middle management roles in large corporates. Intent of this blog is to share some of the lessons I learnt in the process. In the agile world, it is...

Rebus based Agile Crossword

All clues are given as rebuses. To solve each clue look at the rebus corresponding to the clue. The answer indicated by the rebus is the solution to the clue. Note that all solutions are words related to Agile. Happy Rebusing and Crosswording! (Note that Rebuses...

Doing Agile Right – Balance!

Doing Agile Right – Balance!

From the book cover: Agile has the power to transform work – but only if it is implemented the right way. The book dispels the myths and misconceptions that have accompanied agile’s rise to prominence – that it can reshape an organization all at once; or that it...

Role and Title – what is the difference?

One question that I get regularly from most teams and organizations that I have coached in their Agility journeys, is related to choosing the persons to play the 'new' roles of scrum master of product owner. On the face of it, such questions seem simple to answer. One...

A story to help with sustaining focus

A story to help with sustaining focus

One of the challenges typically faced by the teams adopting scrum is not being able to focus on their work without interrupts. I was reminded of this by the recent blog from my colleague JV, where he mentions “Too many / too much time with Agile meetings”. Interrupts...

Digital Divide – By Zero?!

Digital Divide – By Zero?!

Divide by zero? No, not allowed, indeterminate etc., our math teachers told us. At that time, most of us did not ask “But, why?” As students, ours was not to question teachers – at least back then. Recently, I came across a nice simple answer. Here goes. Apparently,...

CHOW 260: PO overpowering SM

Murugan joined an organization as a Scrum master. One of the teams that he was asked to coach has been in running mode at a fast pace for 2 months already. The team has been doing basic agile practices such as having a time-boxed work commitment, daily standup, and...

Tips to get the best of the virtual learning world

The past 2 years have been a roller coaster ride for most of us. It gave us opportunities to relearn some of our forgotten skills or explore new areas through virtual learning platforms. It is not only individuals re-looking at learning methods but also every...


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