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3P + 2S Method for Ordering the Backlog

3P + 2S Method for Ordering the Backlog

When it comes to higher levels of planning like road-mapping or release planning, product management has the responsibility to determine the order of work items for delivery teams. In my opinion, product owner is one of toughest roles in the agile world. Product...

WFH – A Child’s Play?

WFH, a child’s play? May be not from an actual 4-year old child’s point of view! The context is a virus-forced lockdown in my daughter’s home in Chennai and my son-in-law’s WFH for a major bank. The 4-year old (my granddaughter) aka the Child is trying to make sense...

3 bucket formula for time management

Haven’t we all tried multiple techniques to manage our time better?I have.I have tried different tools, techniques and, almost every time, given up after a few days to few weeks.I have been getting a lot of questions related to time management, with the WFH model...

7 Lockdown Lessons on Agility

7 Lockdown Lessons on Agility

The covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown in many countries was a significant disruptor to BAU. In this chaotic time. This was also a great opportunity for creativity, discipline, and empathy. These notes, collated from the experiences of various professionals from...

Speed up software development with Swarming and Fractals

Speed up software development with Swarming and Fractals

Background A few years ago, my team was working on launching a software product for streaming digital advertisements during the Super Bowl event in the US. The team had performed extensive testing, and all the happy and negative test cases had passed. The software was...

More on Agile Maturity – Health check…

More on Agile Maturity – Health check…

I had shared my experience with Agile Maturity Assessments a while ago, the key challenge over a period of time was the lack of enthusiasm due to it being a repeat exercise, no noveltythe teams progress towards the maturity slowing down as they achieve maturity, no...

Tips for a suddenly dispersed team

Agile teams are about effective teamwork.While classical agile models prefer co-located teams, many have evolved to handle distributed teams as well.By adopting principles of fractal organizations, of replicating small, self-organizing teams and structures such as...

PM Power CXO Meet 2020

PM Power CXO Meet 2020

PM Power’s first-ever CXO Meet on March 5th, 2020 focused on the theme of ‘Driving Business Agility – Managing new paradigms of doing business’. The event hosted an exclusive gathering of 30+ executives from the CXO community across industries like Banking, Financial...

Covid is Driving Agility – How to Surf the Wave?

In a 2015 TED Talk, Bill Gates mentioned that probably the world is more ready to deal with a nuclear war but not ready to deal with an outbreak of Epidemic. Indeed, but unfortunately, Covid-19 is spreading almost like what Bill Gates predicted. It’s spreading...


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