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Hi, I’m Zafar
Expertise AreasGlobal Delivery Management, Engineering Excellence, Agile Transformation,  DevOps

Education – Electrical Engineering from BCE (NIT), Patna

Hi, I’m Paramu
Expertise Areas – Project / Program Management, Project Health

Alumnus – Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Madras, India and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT Madras, India.

Years of experience in IT and software services

More than 300 professionals coached on Agile

Years of experience in leading large Engineering Teams

Software engineering is still an expensive and prolonged business function , often due to unproductive processes and the need for the rework. And the ROI becomes low if the delivery timeframe down not meet the market urgency. The goal should be to cut the flab by bringing in Agility and engineering excellence in software engineering discipline.
I am a principal consultant at PM Power, part of Agile Transformation and DevOps Service lines. My goal is to help organizations in achieving engineering excellence and Agility in software development and deployment.

I have around 37 years of experience in software industry during which I got opportunity to play several roles starting from software developer to project manager, engineering leader, mentor and coach for teams working for start-ups to Fortune-500 companies.

Though it feels like it happened yesterday, I started my career as a programmer with Tata Steel in 1981 and worked there till 1989. This tenure was a huge learning phase for me having been part of Tata Steel’s transformational journey from mainframe computing to end user computing using Minis and PCs utilizing open systems software such as Unix, C, Oracle, Dbase and FoxBase.

1990 to 2000 was another phase of my career through which I worked for Software Services companies in India and the US. During this period, I consulted with several Fortune 500 companies and assisted them in developing software in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and E-Commerce space.

In 2000, I relocated back to India and worked for Hughes, Aricent and Harman till 2016. During this phase, I was responsible for leading large engineering teams, managing delivery and ensuring customer satisfaction for US and European clients. In addition, as a change-Leader, I drove several organization initiatives towards Engineering transformation, CMMI, TL9000 and institutionalizing Agile methods.

I am an avid sportsperson. Golfing with my friends acts as a stress buster and rejuvenates me. I also enjoy coaching to my friends who are Golf beginners.


MY Blogs
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PM Power Consulting

PM Power Consulting helps organizations achieve agility in design and delivery of software and services.


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