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If you are a stakeholder or change agent looking at steering an organisation through an Agile transformation journey, this book is for you. It examines the specific practices that need to be adopted and enabled within the organization to fully realize the Values/Tantras of Agile. It does this by looking at the outcomes expected/desired by the three main stakeholders of a successful enterprise – Customers, Associates, and Shareholders – and describing the practices that drive these outcomes. The contents of the book are based on the authors’ discussions with various industry leaders who have implemented, driven or guided Agile transformations and with PM Power experts who have more than 1000 years of collective experience in the area. The outcomes and practices are presented as responses to certain situations and episodes that have arisen in a fictitious organisation that is a combined entity embodying various organisations that PM Power has worked with. The conversational style and the touch of humour makes reading easy.

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