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Hi, I’m Srini

Expertise Areas – Agile, Business Agility, Project Management

Additional Expertise Areas – Individual performance coaching and mentoring

Education – Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, India and PG Diploma in Software Technology from NCST Mumbai, India.

Hi, I’m Srini
Expertise Areas – Agile Transformation, Delivery Excellence and Program / Project Management

Alumnus – Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, India and PG Diploma in Software Technology from NCST Mumbai, India.

Years of experience in IT and software services

Managers and leaders coached

Managed organization of 1700 professionals

I believe in three things:

  1. When our true intent of strategy is aligned with our sincere commitment to execution, we maximize the outcome.
  2. Process, methodologies, frameworks, metrics – is like fashion. So, stay true to the basics.
  3. My strength is my biggest weakness.”
I started my career as a programmer at Godrej & Boyce in 1984, getting inducted into the nascent IT industry.

I went on to work with COSL (Citi group) and Index (ANZ Banking group), Deutsche Software leading a wide range of projects and programs for the financial service industry in the Global Delivery model. Thereafter I was involved in jointly setting up and running the offshore start-up arm of Command International, which serviced the insurance industry.
During my tenure at HP, I played a varied set of roles – led the Indian market delivery, led the CME portfolio delivery, managed the merger PMO, built and managed several large offshore customer centres, built the Chennai Centre, ran the global quality, tools and KM organization, integrated the RelQ acquisition, and managed the testing service line.


No matter how much you earn, most people always feel they earn less – because adding few more zeroes will make their earning puny. An area of interest: helping people with their financial planning. I am an avid follower of economics – You can rationalize all outcomes, and You can predict both extremes are possible for a given event! One more thing that I like to do is observe human behavior – fascinating and a great learning; but friends would always know me for my number skills! My style of doing things is like a hybrid of Virendra Sehwag and Rahul Dravid (if you can imagine that)!


MY Blogs
CHOW #219 – A new manager’s dilemma

CHOW #219 – A new manager’s dilemma

Raju had joined a large company in its India operations as a director. Raju’s manager, the India operations head had told Raju that he was getting to build a challenging division.  A colleague of his Gagan was incubating this unit along with his primary unit....

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The Innovator’s Dilemma

The Innovator’s Dilemma

Background Today, it is innovation that defines the very existence of any organization that aspires to make it big. The corollary, even a leader, who does not catch up with an innovation by a smaller up-start could soon reach their doom. Agility in innovation has...

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The Innovator’s Dilemma: Customer Obsession

The Innovator’s Dilemma: Customer Obsession

Background In today’s world ask many a CXO – They would swear by the buzz on Customer Obsession. Some would go to the extent of saying that is the only purpose of their organization. Ask the management gurus – what is the biggest cause of an enterprise failing. They...

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