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PM Power has extensive experience working with customers on their Agile Transformation Journey and our Enterprise Agile Transformation Manifesto is the distilled wisdom from our experiences in working with our customers on this journey.

One of the critical pieces that we often see missed out in these Enterprise Agile Transformation initiatives is the significant role that Middle Managers (such as Chapter Leads / Delivery Managers / Engineering Managers) play in the process.

Normally, we notice that this segment of the organization has least clarity on their role in Agile Transformation as well as in the new operating model. There is minimal organizational intervention in terms of training/coaching at this level.


However, this Middle Management layer is very critical in:

  • Translating Strategy to Execution as they are the bridge between the executive leadership team and the delivery teams
  • Building & sustaining the right Culture & Mindset as people belong/report to them
  • Balancing delivering value today and developing competency for tomorrow
  • Integrating end-to-end processes and teams to build systemic capabilities
  • Developing Technology Roadmaps & Architecture runways

Our offering eTM+ addresses these challenges through systematic Training, Coaching & Consulting approaches based on the specific organizational contexts.

Role of Middle Managers with respect to Enterprise Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation value Role of Middle managers in the transformation process
Focus on Customer Outcomes

·       Building the product and domain competency in teams and improving their ability to execute with focus on customer outcomes

·       Prioritization of value and product roadmapping

·      Aligning product / technology architecture to support business and customer outcomes

Self-organized teams

·        Support effective implementation of Agile roles

·        Facilitate self-organization and cross-functional collaboration within and across product teams

Transformational Leadership

·        Demonstrating the role of leadership in Agile

·        Leadership development to ensure “Being Agile” versus “Doing Agile”

·        Removing impediments to the flow of continuous business value

·        Technology / business planning for execution

·        Balancing short-term goals versus long-term goals

Experimentation and Learning

·        Building diversity / risk taking ability in teams

·        Influencing technology investments

·        Facilitating systemic improvements

·        Support building a learning organization

Lean Thinking ·        Facilitating a lean mindset / culture of innovation in teams

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