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The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility


A highly recommended reading for anyone contemplating on how to become Agile, and for others who are on this path already on how to stay Agile.

-Vinod Sood
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Hughes Systique


Becoming Agile and sustaining it is difficult, yet deeply rewarding. With Agile, customers and stakeholders get the best outcomes as they are engaged throughout in the process of delivering continuous value to the customer. In an environment that is continuously and rapidly changing, it is important that products change quickly to keep up with the evolving needs of customers, and to outpace competition. 

How do you ensure that an organisation starting on its Agile journey has smooth sailing along the way and a safe haven once it reached its destination?

This book is the result of putting together the experience and learnings of these PM Power coaches to help organisations in exactly this. Reaching there and staying there.

This book is presented as the story of one such Agile transformation journey – the journey of an organisation representing many of the organisations that PM Power has engaged with as Agile coaches. 

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“Agile method is a recent innovation that is becoming widely adopted across the world. However, most organizations that have gone Agile, have realized that they are not getting the benefits they were expecting with Agile and are searching for answers.

This book from PM Power could help the software community across the world significantly as it provides the distilled wisdom of many of their coaches in helping organizations not only successfully transform at an enterprise level into an agile way of working but in sustaining such initiatives over time”


Board Member , Trianz (Ex-COO Wipro)

“I read The Five tantras… and enjoyed every bit of it. Intended for managers, it is indeed a great guide for those planning to launch the Agile journey in their own organization or their client organization.

With Agile going mainstream and software entering every aspect of human endeavor, this book is a “must-read” for managers & consultants across industries – much beyond the software services industry!

 It is very contextual too! Starts before Covid-19, gets ready through the difficult period, and will see the light of the day on a day when hopefully Covid-19 would have become history!”

Prof. S Sadagopan

Director, IIIT, Bangalore

“Never have organizations faced such challenges understanding market opportunities, customer requirements and risks as they are in today’s world of a global pandemic, geopolitical uncertainties and inequalities…it requires organizations to be  more agile, than at any time before in our modern business history.

The Five Tantras… couldn’t have come at a better time to help business leaders implement Agile in their design and development process. I highly recommend investing the time to read it…

Marc Zionts

Executive Chairman, Precision Nutrition, Inc.

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Take our Agility Quotient Challenge based on each of the 5 mini-books in the book – Getting There, Ensuring the Right Culture and Mindset, Creating the right organization for success, Role of executive leadership and Technical excellence, tools, infrastructure & processes.



A Bonus Section with exclusive excerpts from the book  made available for you start reading right away

You’re wondering how to sustain Business Agility in these times of Forced Dispersion in the wake of the global pandemic? Read insights from the book’s Appendix.

A sample list of Amber signals from the book – the things that the organization could have done better in their agile transformation journey. 

A ready-reckoner extracted from the Epilogue of the book, of key things to take care of to be truly ‘Agile’ and a list of Amber signals to watch out for.



Paramu Kurumathur

Paramu Kurumathur has been working in the international software services industry and global IT management since 1980. He is currently a partner and Principal Consultant at PM Power Consulting. He is an avid reader of business and technical books. He has been exposed to various project and program management approaches and different technologies over decades. .

He is a keen traveler and has visited and stayed in around 40 countries.

He has published two books before this. A technical book entitled Software Project Health: An Epic Retold, published by PM Power and a novel entitled The First Aryan, published by Penguin Random House.

Paramu is an alumnus of IIT, Madras. [B. Tech. (Aero. Engg.); M. Tech. (Comp. Sc.)]

His interests include project and program management, writing business books and novels, writing limericks and promoting humor as a way of life.

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