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Hi, I’m Milind

Expertise Areas – Agile, Project Management

Additional Expertise Areas – Scaled Agile, Agile Transformation Consultancy, Coaching for Agile transformation, Program Managemet

Education – Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay

Hi, I’m Milind
Expertise Areas – Agile Transformation, Program and Project Management, Delivery Excellence

Education – Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University Master’s Degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay

Years of experience in IT and software services

years of experience in leadership roles in IT companies

Professionals helped in certifications in Project Management and Agile

Agile transformation is not about adopting a new process framework. It is about changing the core paradigms, changing the mindset and transforming to a new culture. And this transformation changes the entire organization, from junior most person to the senior most leadership!

I got introduced to the art and science of software development 37 years ago in IIT Bombay where I did my M. Tech. in Computer Science. Since then, software solutions development has been my passion and seeking ways to improve the quality of the software solutions has been an ongoing
endeavour. The journey that started with SSADM, continued through Data Driven methodologies, Object Oriented approaches, RUP, ISO 9000, CMM, CMMI, PMP etc. I did manage to deliver software successfully, but every single time , hectic effort was required to make the delivery happen and often customer would come up with a list of significant changes to make the software effective. Making those changes was quite a challenge. It required careful planning, took time and many times introduced new defects. Besides that, it was also costly to the customer. Search for a solution to these issues led me to Agile. Getting deeper in Agile, I realized that true agile adoption does not mean just adopting some practices but radically changing the approach to software development. It means understanding and adopting new paradigms, new mindset and new culture. 

Of course, this significant change is not possible without having the leadership fully buy into it and changing themselves along with everyone else in the organization. In a way, it’s truly an organizational transformation! Being a catalyst to bring about such a transformation gives me immense satisfaction. I have been doing this for last five years and enjoying every bit of it.

I started my career with TCS in 1983 as a trainee programmer. Rising through the ranks I transitioned to positions such as Project lead, Project Manager, Delivery Manager and Delivery Head, Delivery Excellence Head, Genaral Manager, Director, Enterprise Agile Coach etc. I have worked in senior leadership positions in Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Digital Tools, Krohm Solutions, CMC and TCS.

Outside my office, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also love the company of books. In fact, books have shaped me into what I am today! In younger days I read books on all subjects. However, as time for reading became scarce, I now restrict myself to reading books that help me professionally and spiritually. I am a student of Yoga and Vedanta trying to discover true meaning and purpose of our existence on this planet.


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What does “Being Agile” mean?

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