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CHOW – The Challenge of the Week

Challenge of The Week
Welcome to the Chow – the Challenge of the week!

This section will highlight some of the challenges we face in our work situations – sometimes bordering on the personal aspects as well.

These are situations that may not be classified as black or white. While there could be some good practices and patterns to handle these, the actual resolution will depend on the specific context and the disposition of the person solving the challenge at that time.

Over time, with your active participation, we hope that for every situation, we can get a broader perspective of how different people have managed the situation.

Please feel free to

  • share your perspective on how the situation can be approached
  • describe what has worked – and what has not, in your own experience
  • pose your own related or additional challenges to hear from others

The Challenges will usually be open for two weeks before the suggestions from PM Power coaches are published.

Recent Challenges
CHOW #219 – A new manager’s dilemma

CHOW #219 – A new manager’s dilemma

Raju had joined a large company in its India operations as a director. Raju’s manager, the India operations head had told Raju that he was getting to build a challenging division.  A colleague of his Gagan was incubating this unit along with his primary unit....

Chow #217 – How to handle conflict at workplace?

Chow #217 – How to handle conflict at workplace?

CyberZars is a leading software product development company in the Cyber Security domain. CyberZars practices Scrum/Xp for software development. One of their flagship product OpenConnect is developed by four scrum teams.  Chris is a Product Owner (PO) for one of...

Chow #216: How best to multi task?

Chow #216: How best to multi task?

Raveesh was the chief architect at 9to5 corporation. He company had seen significant growth in the last 4 years in a very niche market of Enterprise Application Integration. Their eBbus – or the enterprise business bus, was highly scalable and modular in design and...

CHOW #215 – A Crossword Puzzle

Here is a crossword based on our book, 'The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility' . Have given the solution grid at the end. Now, be honest and don’t look at the answers before trying to solve the puzzle. If you manage to solve the puzzle (without looking at the...

CHOW #212 – Coach as a Problem Solver?!

CHOW #212 – Coach as a Problem Solver?!

You are an Agile coach, a new recruit in the organization - a Global In-house Center (“captive” software arm) of a major financial services organization. Prior to this job, you have been a Scrum Master and a coach for over five years in a fin-tech product organization...

CHOW #211 – Data-driven Coaching Plan

CHOW #211 – Data-driven Coaching Plan

Challenge The names, characters, dialects, and phrases are imaginary. Yesterday, I was one among the spectators, to an event performed at the local stadium. The event may appear to have a certain resemblance to a competition for the first-time visitor. But it was...

CHOW #210 – Culture Shock!

CHOW #210 – Culture Shock!

Mike Wallace is a recently-promoted Scrum Master for a project team. He has taken over when the team had been struggling with low Say/Do ratio and highly-fluctuating velocity. Mike and his team had gone into the causes for this situation in the past and incorporated...


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