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Hi, I’m Vishu
Expertise Area – Agile Transformation and Mindful Leadership

Education – Electronics & Communications Engineering from Mysore University, India

Hi, I’m Vishu
Expertise Area – Agile Transformation and Mindful Leadership

Alumnus – Electronics & Communications Engineering from Mysore University, India.

Years of experience in IT and software services

Project/Delivery managers and scrum masters coached

Corporates transformed as Agile organizations

“I consider software development as a human thinking process – a collective thinking processes. Software really happens in people’s minds. Approaches like Design Thinking, Agile, DevOps etc. bring a good set of techniques, practices and mindset to enhance & systematize this collective thinking process across customers, teams and users.”
An ardent practitioner of yoga and meditation, I have been associated with PM Power Consulting as a Principal Consultant and Practice Lead for Strategic Consulting areas, and I help tapping into the unlimited potential of human minds through knowledge era paradigms and mindfulness practices to build a culture of self-managed individuals, self-organizing teams and facilitative leadership in the organizations.

I have worked in organizations like IISc (Indian Institute of Science), ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency), Motorola, Mindtree in various roles like R&D, Engineering, Project Management, Quality Management, Business Excellence at senior leadership positions. I have worked on system engineering, software development & system integration areas of military Avionics as well.

I was the senior Vice President & Global Head of Business Excellence in Mindtree and part of core management team of Mindtree and worked in GICs (Global In-house Centres), Product & Services companies.

I have been actively involved in NASSCOM Quality Council and Bangalore Software Process Improvement Network as part of the core group.

My professional interests include helping individuals & organizations transition & ride through the S curves smoothly, Agile Transformation, Leadership coaching, Art of project management and Mindfulness.

My personal interests include study of ancient wisdom and bringing it contemporary management & leadership, playing Tabala, trekking & mountaineering.


MY Blogs

Covid is Driving Agility – How to Surf the Wave?

In a 2015 TED Talk, Bill Gates mentioned that probably the world is more ready to deal with a nuclear war but not ready to deal with an outbreak of Epidemic. Indeed, but unfortunately, Covid-19 is spreading almost like what Bill Gates predicted. It’s spreading...

Chow #172: Puzzled Scrum Master

Chow #172: Puzzled Scrum Master

Scrum Master Ravi was puzzled by his Scrum Team members’ sudden change in behavior. There was a tendency to commit less during Sprint planning than they were normally taking up. When probed a bit more with Team members, they mentioned that they are expected to meet...

Agile Leadership Canvas – Cultivating Agile Mindset and Culture

Agile Leadership Canvas – Cultivating Agile Mindset and Culture

We don’t have to pull the plants to make them grow. We have to just nurture them with water & soil and allow enough sunlight to fall on them (remove impediments), they will grow and bear fruits, quite efficiently. Leaders’ role is like that of farmers. They need...

PM Power Consulting

PM Power Consulting helps organizations achieve agility in design and delivery of software and services.


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