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Hi, I’m Raja 
Expertise Area – Agile Transformation and Technology Adoption

Education – Bachelor in Physics from Madurai Kamaraj University

Hi, I’m Raja 
Expertise Area – Agile Transformation and Technology Adoption

Alumnus – Bachelor in Physics from Madurai Kamaraj University

Years of experience in IT and software services

Large program/project managed

Organizations transformed to Agile

“I consider software development as a human thinking process – a collective thinking processes. Software really happens in people’s minds. Approaches like Design Thinking, Agile, DevOps etc. bring a good set of techniques, practices and mindset to enhance & systematize this collective thinking process across customers, teams and users.”
I am a programmer since 1993 and have extensive experience in architecting and implementing object oriented and distributed systems.

I have architected 50+ large applications across domains which include Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Health Analytics and Financials. Through PM Power, I help organisations in Agile methodology and Extreme Programming.

I am a Certified Scrum Master, TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect and Sun Certified Java Programmer. I’m passionate about teaching and coaching teams on the practices of professional programming. As a technical coach, I’ve coached 20+ teams to estimate, craft, deliver and maintain clean software and have transformed teams to excel in engineering by adopting Test Driven Development. I enjoy enabling teams by offering methodology, tools, techniques, patterns and reference implementations to effectively refactor legacy code.I have helped teams in the implementation of DevOps in 3 Large Products to reduce the quarterly releases to fortnightly releases.

Apart from technical coaching, I spend time in creating 3D Mobile Games to help students to appreciate science and mathematics better.


MY Blogs
Chow #256 – Leveraging WebAssembly

Chow #256 – Leveraging WebAssembly

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WebAssembly and Friends

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Rust – WebAssembly – Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Rust – WebAssembly – Markov Chain Monte Carlo

I have this unquenchable fascination for knowing what is going to happen next. How many visitors are likely to visit my site next week, given I know the history of visits? So that I provision few more computing machines. What are the best possible action items I can...

PM Power Consulting

PM Power Consulting helps organizations achieve agility in design and delivery of software and services.


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