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“PM Power Consulting has been a reliable partner in TechM’s Agile transformation.  They helped us to transform a very large size account with very high  off-shore component in to an Agile delivery organization.”

L Ravichandran, President & COO

“PM Power consulting has been a great partner in our program management capability building.  What makes them special is their diligent work of listening to need, creating an apt learning intervention and executing it to perfection – professionalism all through the engagements with high focus on the customer and the learner”

Mosesraj R, CIO

“PM Power have been partnering with us for the last 3 years in helping advance our Agile practices. From helping Scrum teams to size their stories better, do better grooming to making the teams more self-organized and self-managed, PM Power has become a reliable and trusted partner for us.”

Pankaj Grover, VP of Engineering

Increasing trend in the team velocity – a myth?

Increasing trend in the team velocity – a myth?

In my experience increasing trend in the team velocity is rarely achieved and/or is difficult to know. This blog was an outcome of my reading the following statement which related with my experience. “While teams will tend to increase their velocity over time—and...

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Do we really understand Empowerment?

Do we really understand Empowerment?

The term “Empowerment” has been bandied about for several decades – much before Agile approaches became popular. With Agile and self-managed teams, empowerment has almost become a sacred mantra at both a team level as well as in an organizational context. Yet, when...

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INVESTing Right

INVESTing Right

Many of us agile coaches are familiar with the INVEST (Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small and Testable) criteria that stories should meet after refining them. Almost a maxim if you will, supported by text book examples in the classroom. Participants...

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Challenge of the Week

CHOW #306 – Is my team improving?

Shashikanth is the manager of the scrum teams you are coaching for the last few months. He has been very helpful and enthusiastic about the Agile Transformation initiative. He has heard that scrum teams tend to show an increasing trend in their velocity, once they are...

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