Author: Santhana Krishnan G

CHOW #21- How to show visible improvement in Agile?

Jessica started a project as scrum master with a team of 9 members that include 6 developers, 1 business analyst and 2 quality analysts. The team runs bi-weely sprints. At the end of 8th sprint, she had a review meeting with Mithali, her Delivery Manager. Mithali pointed out that there are no visible improvements on the team’s performance. There were more specific questions; velocity has not improved, Number of bugs on completed story cards are increasing, Technical Debt list is growing, Identified parking lot items are not addressed. After the meeting, Jessica was wondering why there are no visible improvement in spite...

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Product Visioning – 5 steps to scoping software projects

Scoping is always an important and challenging activity in software development. Irrespective of whether we are scoping a product’s particular version or project’s specific release, we could use a set of steps to arrive at an MVP, Minimum Viable Product, that has a clear value definition, user validation and better chance of success. In my experience, I’ve found the following set to be very effective: 1. Elevator Pitch  One of a simple and effective format to define our product vision is: “For <target customer / group> Who  <needs a solution or has a problem> The <our product / service>...

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