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e-learning for Project Managers

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e-Foundation Course in Project Management or eFCPM is an e-learning offering from PM Power Consulting (PM Power) for aspiring and entry level IT/software project managers.

The objective of eFCPM is to impart core concepts of project management in the software context so that project managers can understand, appreciate and apply them in their live project for improved performance. eFCPM provides the foundation on which additional competency building activities such as instructor-led case study analysis and one-on-one coaching can be based.

eFCPM covers the knowledge areas of project management as per “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition from the Project Management Institute (PMI). eFCPM also covers Software Estimation in detail.

eLearning Modules

eFCPM has been designed and developed by PM Power consultants with a collective experience of 130 years in software project management and leadership roles in software product & services organizations. As a result, eFCPM is very practice-oriented and rich with examples from real-life project situations.

Each eFCPM module is bite-sized – no more than 15-20 minutes to go through. Review questions help students to pause and check their understanding of what they just learnt. In case students have queries on eFCPM content, they can access PM Power consultants via email, phone or skype (with prior appointment) to get clarifications and learn more about applying concepts in their project context.

eFCPM has in-built instruments linked to a rich question bank for assessing student learning in each knowledge area. Extensive reporting facilities help track student progress and performance in assessments.

eFCPM is cloud-based and administered by PM Power. It can be accessed over the Internet on a variety of devices: PCs, smart phones and tablets for easy access anytime, anywhere – ideal for employees on the move and working in distributed teams around the world.

In summary, eFCPM offers the following benefits:

  • Content that is specific to IT/software projects
  • Practice-oriented with examples of real-life project situations
  • On-line assistance from PM Power consultants for queries & help in application of concepts
  • Anytime, anywhere flexibility of e-learning
  • Hosted offering on a robust cloud-based platform – minimal administrative work for customers
  • Value for money

The estimated duration for a student to cover eFCPM is about 35 hours on an average. Students can claim Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) upon completion (note that learning time would vary depending on student’s speed – estimated at 28 hours on an average).

You can see a demo of select eFCPM modules by clicking on this link: If you are interested, we could also set up a “test drive” of the entire eFCPM.

For more information and licensing options please contact us. We would be happy to answer your queries / address specific needs.

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