Author: Chitra Gurjar

CHOW #109- Did we miss something?

Shwetha Srinivas is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur. She embarked on the entrepreneurship journey after a good 15 years with a top-notch technology company where she honed her skills in developing software used by several enterprises to run their critical business transactions. As a product manager later, she traveled extensively and often worked directly with company customers helping solve problems on the ground and gained deep respect from customers and her peers. Her acumen, insight and technology prowess won her many accolades within and outside the company. Soon, the entrepreneurial bug bit her and she moved on from the...

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Business Discovery- Do Your Research and Get out of the Building

A business or product starts with an idea to fulfill a need or provide a service. Entrepreneurs who build it run the risk of doing the wrong thing and very often pour in months of effort only to chase elusive success. What can entrepreneurs do to discover their business better? How can they answer the questions “What pain are you solving, what gain are you giving the customer?” The 2-step approach proposed, can be done easily and quickly, which goes a long way to help validate the market and validate the problem, with almost no investment other than time...

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