Automotive IT company grew it’s off-shore software centre ten times in three years

Our client is a IT division of a Global Leader in Commercial Vehicles from Europe , providing automotive IT Application & Infrastructure for in-house as well as other automotive companies.


Our client wanted to establish a Global In-house Center (GIC) (offshore unit) in India. They wanted to consolidate the offshore partners they had, through this GIC. They wanted to grow the GIC, improve it’s Delivery Maturity, Operational efficiency and build technology & domain capabilities.

PM Power services

PM Power helped the client in establishing the GIC and growing it from 200 people to 2000 people organization in 3 years through various strategic interventions

Specific interventions included:

  • Facilitating the Vision creation and Strategy planning involving the CIO & management team in India and EMT (Executive Management Team) in Europe.
  • Helping in Organization Design, Roles definition and recruitment of senior leaders
  • Facilitating workshops with 50+ member management team in India for creating shared vision, planning the strategic initiatives and half yearly reviews & refinements.
  • Helping them define measurement & governance mechanisms
  • Driving Delivery/Engagement Maturity of the GIC with the counterparts in Sweden & France
  • Enhancing Operational Excellence through cross-functional integration & collaboration. For example, facilitating end-to-end People-In-People-Out process streamlining involving 11 departments.
  • Conducting Leadership workshops and coaching senior leaders
  • Helped in Partner/Vendor management strategy and integrating them with the GIC.
  • Helped in Marketing & Communication areas for positioning and attracting talent in Indian IT market.
  • Coached & nurtured Innovation Community which became a key contributor in the global Innovation strategy of the company


  • Client grew the GIC from 200 people to 2000 people organization in 3 years. The centre became the 2nd largest unit in the world in the client’s organization.
  • GIC demonstrated several hundred million dollar savings to the company through the GIC strategy.
  • GIC took up ownership in several Applications and Infrastructure for global development & support.
  • Delivery Maturity measurements & governance mechanisms started from this centre became a global standard in the company
  • GIC spanned off leaders who went on to support units in Japan, China, Brazil etc.