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In this conversation, Anantha Natarajan – known as Anand – a colleague and coach at PM Power Consulting, he shares his experience and perspectives related to coaching senior leaders and mid level managers

  • How he had to rediscover himself and his approach while working with experienced managers and leaders
  • Demonstrating your competence without giving solutions
  • What he had to change about himself.. And knowing one’s place
  • About the approach of earning the trust of one’s boss
  • Helping leaders look great by helping them achieve their goals
  • When you are quiet, you have to listen
  • The impact of working in a dispersed mode in earning trust and establishing working relationships
  • His thoughts on the continuous flow of value
  • What is value – in value flow – and three dimensions to consider when discussing flow of value
  • His views on flow of value and playing bridge
  • The need for process and partnerships among managers
  • The importance of experimentation and retrospections

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