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In this episode, Brij Sethi, a Principal Consultant at PM Power, shares

  • His growing up days in Pantnagar, near NainiTal
  • His passion for reading books
  • His liking for mathematics and wanting to be an engineer
  • Being bitten by the electronics bug and electronics engineering in college
  • Joining a masters in management in systems in IIM Ahmedabad
  • Learning Transactional Analysis 
  • Getting into a project to make ECG machines as an engineer, forgetting his MBA
  • Joining WIPRO in 1993 and working on many challenging projects
  • His strong feeling in 1998 to be a facilitator, including facilitating 6 sigma projects
  • Taking up the CTO role with HP, and enabling filing a record number of patents across teams
  • Wanting to teach and getting back to Wipro
  • Creating education related media and starting a company
  • How he connects various ideas picked up from books and other sources, by letting go
  • Be simple in what he has to share
  • Using Obsidian to keep connected points 
  • Making conscious efforts to digest what he reads
  • Applying TA in business contexts
  • Transitions across different ways or states of thinking
  • Consciously spending time in capturing his state of mind before switching states
  • Being low on J orientation, can accept contradictions and unresolved stuff
  • Tip from his mentor: Need to wear a facilitator hat and outcome hat
  • His experience of working in a social sector context
  • A story on the approach of influencing with PowerPoint slides
  • Why, Who and What – three questions for a facilitation session
  • Creating an empty space for ownership
  • The experience of a father-son founding team
  • The trigger and satisfaction on launching his podcast
  • His career advice
  • Leave yourself open, take some risks

Brij is a Principal Consultant with PM Power. He has worked for Wipro and HP for many years and more recently founded a Media Studio to make educational content. He facilitated deep expertise in HP during his tenure as CTO. The number of patents filed in 1 year went up from 6 to 184.

Brij is a trained in group facilitation. He helps agile practitioners do personal action planning, undo team dysfunctions by themselves and dream a future by tinkering to a customer context. He also talks about career readiness in his podcast – Ready to work – on