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Listen to Chitra Gurjar in conversation with Anu Kannan, Partner Technology Manager at Google where Anu shared her views on

  • Being a quintessential engineer
  • Starting her career in embedded systems working on set top boxes
  • Anu’s love for travel, meeting new people and developing relationships that have helped her personally and professionally
  • Ensuring she understood use cases while building software for tangible hardware
  • Walking the floors with her father to understand product development and how they were used
  • Visiting customers and incorporating a “DILO” approach to building products
  • How she built a network of trust as a fellow of engineering
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • A peak into what automotive software could look like
  • Message for aspiring engineers

Anu Kannan can be reached via


Anu Kannan is a partner technology manager at Google, an embedded systems engineer and mother to two young boys. She has had extensive experience in designing and developing software for tangible hardware in the course of her 17 year career where she built entertainment set top boxes, android based data capture solutions, and now working with automotive software on android. She recently completed the LEAD business program Stanford University on Innovation. Anu is a telecommunications engineer from RV College of Engineering Bangalore and has a masters degree in Computer Science from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.