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Listen to a conversation between Deepak Visveswaraiah, VP of Platform Engineering at Pega Systems and Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting as Deepak talks about

  • His early days growing up as a Bangalore native and how he started out in software development
  • Experiences as a C & Unix Programmer
  • His work across several domains like Nuclear Energy, Semiconductors, gaming and publishing
  • Co-founding a healthcare startup and learning key customer empathy lessons
  • Essential fundamentals of product engineering, writing your best 2 lines of code, user empathy & designing products for the enterprise
  • Investing time in learning & being adaptable
  • Transition to leadership roles learning people engagement and flourishing as leader
  • Lessons from driving innovation, a future perspective design & doing a few things insanely well
  • Customer centricity; all about the empathy, and what customers really want from you
  • Hard lessons; from building a product the way “we engineers thought”
  • Building relationships with a mindset of establishing a relationship and not to sell or make a transaction
  • Balancing the sense of urgency with instant gratification and moving on the curve of constant change, a formula 1 inspiration
  • Defining moments in his career; being the first SVP in a global role outside of the US
  • Message for leaders and those aspiring to take up leadership roles

Deepak Visweswaraiah is a leader in the technology industry playing global roles based out of Bangalore, India. He specializes in leading large engineering organizations, driving innovation and bringing products into the global markets. He has extensive experience in establishing Global In-house Centers (GICs) for multinational companies. Passionate about building next generation technology, transformative approach, business leadership and mentoring startups. Deepak brings 30+ years of experience in the enterprise software development industry. Deepak is currently Vice President of Platform Engineering at Pega Systems leading the core platform organization out of India.

Deepak can be reached via