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Wishing you all a very happy new year 2022!!

In this episode, Gayatri is in conversation with Sriram Rangarajan, Accomplished Data Analytics Leader at IBM shared his data journey 

  • His role as an enterprise data architect and what lenses he has to wear
  • Ways to get started collecting, analysing and gaining insights from data
  • How can young engineers joining the data ecosystem look at data
  • Data to be viewed through the business process and lifecycle 
  • Ways of managing complexities across organization and system boundaries 
  • Onboarding application teams right at the start instead of making it an after thought
  • How can you manage data errors and keep the sanctity of data clean
  • Challenges that are encountered while handling master data, data definition and gaps in data setup
  • Working with regulatory bodies and keeping the right level of data without infringing into compliance
  • Perspective of work has changed across three decades from task centric, business centric and what-if possibilities
  • Ensuring that foundations are clearly understood on data prior to diving deeper into technology

Sriram started his career with TCS after his graduation from JNU. Sriram has worked in IBM, NetApp Inc, and Informatica, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of Data Governance, Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data protection, privacy, and data lifecycle management. Sriram is a data analytics and strategist at heart with robust experience acquired over the years in delivering optimal results in high-growth environments. He excels at cultivating collaborative professional relationships and delivering data-driven and business-centric solutions; Result-driven with extensive expertise across scalable enterprise architecture, value-driven data science, and full-stack engineering. 

Sriram can be reached at