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In this episode, I continue my conversation with Jeremy Kriegel. He talks about

  • How UX can help users stay focused and also providing opportunities to take a break or breather to stay productive
  • Micro level thinking and system level thinking
  • May need local inefficiencies for overall system wide efficiency
  • Analogy of a relay race team member, who needs to wait for the moment to take the baton and run
  • The zappos example of helping customers
  • On the balance between personalization and privacy
  • The skills needed for an effective UX professional
  • Curiosity, humility and influencing skills
  • UX professionals as change agents, or as sales people
  • Clever v/s usable design
  • The benefit of spending time to understand the problem and analyze solutions and approaches before jumping in to create wireframes etc
  • The limitations of canvas based design tools
  • The reason for starting his podcast, saving UX
  • Significance of lean approaches and fast learning loops in UX
  • The role of design in customer loyalty
  • Impact of AI based approaches on UX professionals
  • His career tips for new entrants as well as persons considering a career switch to UX domain

Jeremy Kriegel is a UX leader, very active on various professional forums.He is also the host of the podcast ‘Saving UX’