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In conversation with Coach Extraordinaire and Technology Executive, Arun Swamy where his software experiences with Gayatri From PM Power Consulting on his journey

  • Multi touch point start in software – as a research assistant, contract job after doing MS and finally landing US Army related work
  • Returned to India to seek stability and part of the growth wave of product companies
  • HP as an organisation taught the value of Org values and profit being a side effect
  • Proud to be part of two generations of agile way of working – initially in 1990s for small project development and later as EVO in a more formal way
  • HP also saw challenges in org upheavals and learnt to stay in the web portal specialization
  • Proud of being part of a product sunset which was executed in a least risky way
  • Moved to be a leadership coach based on his experience of being a coach 
  • Coaching Stories based on his strengths on communication, empathy and staying impartial
  • Understand what hat you are wearing a mentor, coach or a friend Fall in love with your work but do not romanticise it by staying realistic
  • Staying truer to process and design and continue to adapt with technology

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