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In this conversation with Santhana Krishnan (SK), coach from PM Power Consulting and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore SK’s journey

  • Fascinated by computers through the eyes of the Tamil writer Sujatha 
  • Started as a tech entrepreneur setting up ERP for a spinning mill  
  • Worked closely with different persona of users and ensuring usability  for tech agnostic members.
  • Learnt true sense of agility by continuous integration, deployment and feedback
  • While building India market for ThoughtWorks creating a trusted relationships as an important construct and that starts with genuine understanding of the risks and sharing with the customer to gain trust on the capabilities 
  • Key metrics for agility – concept to cash, ability to recover from failure
  • Agility in the Education field is a passion – look at adaptable syllabus and emerging models to use during crisis such as lockdown, floods
  • Using concept maps, knowledge graphs to trace the learning curves of students and create a personalized learning experience
  • Learning and Keeping beginners mindset to see convergence of AI/ML with concept maps and knowledge graphs

SK can be reached at