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In this conversation with Thiagarajan (Thiagu) Ramakrishnan and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore Thiagu’s experiences 

  • Worked as software engineer in IBM,  ML Engineer in TeraData and Principal in Dell now
  • Started the Machine Learning fascination with coursera course by Andrew Ng
  • Research papers and meet-ups are a way of working in emerging technology on the multiplicative curve
  • Benefited from the power of meetups to get clarity in way forward and continues to contribute in conferences, meetups and the likes
  • Now working on creating ML platform and creating an abstraction layer for the users
  • He learns ability to see big picture from seniors and takes one-step-at-a-time as a clear difference in mindset with millennials EQ 2.0 as an inspiration
  • Deep Work to improve high performance ML implementation in check clearance and how a Phone image and an API has solved the manual verification
  • Looking forward toward appropriate product fitment and timing of the need while launching products

More Information about Thiagu can be found here