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In this conversation with Karthikeyan (Karthi) Swaminathan , Vice President and GM of and Gayatri from PM Power Consulting explore Karthi’s experiences around

  • Collaborations with doctors started in college
  • Started working with products to customize and working closely with users
  • Part of the open source movement and solve fellow developers problems
  • Lost opportunities around cloud investments in the tool space
  • Medical professionals creating an empathy for the end user by the developers in a big area of focus
  • Staying focused with road warriors problem in with edge computing, AI and data
  • Last decade has seen a tremendous shift in the designer/XD / Product talent
  • Talks about rural students empowerment as a movement
  • Embrace your journey with an open mindset
  • Create space for the team to flourish their skills and mindset

He can be reached via