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Rajiv Puranik, VP platform engineering and cloud operations at Vocera Communications & Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting are in conversation as Rajiv shares

  • His professional experience with Twillio, Apigee, Yahoo before Vocera covering corporate, engineering roles as well as startups
  • What developers should know, when building products, the ‘-ities’, beyond the algorithms
  • A personal devops horror story  How developers can have empathy of what happens after code is written
  • Devops is the first line of defence, and engineers are the second line
  • About differences in the safety net, depending on company size or areas of operation
  • His tips for techies taking on leadership / managerial roles to be effective
  • His mantra for scaling as a leader
  • What the forced work from home implies for individuals and leaders in their approaches to work
  • How one should move to a nurturing style, even if starting with a directive approach, to develop others
  • Why quality is a business metric
  • What is acceptable quality Making decisions when there is ambiguity
  • The impact of AI in decision making and leadership responsibilities
  • What he enjoys most about his career
  • When it comes to career decisions, the one question everyone should ask themselves

Rajiv can be reached at