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In this conversation, Paramu shares his experiences on writing books with Sivaguru.

Listen to this chat between 2 colleagues at PM Power Consulting covering Paramu’s views on :

  • Where ideas come from, or where he gets his inspiration on topics to write about
  • Specific triggers for this two published books so far [and the third – a technical book – he is working on now]
  • On writing sequels and if they are expected by the readers as more of the same
  • Book writing being a team sport
  • The challenge of understanding reader expectations, for the first or even the second book
  • About pivoting the idea or narration across evolving versions of the manuscript
  • Inserting ‘hooks’ to keep the readers engaged
  • The next 2 books he is working on, now
  • On why he wants to continue writing technical books
  • Are software development ‘methodologies’ myths?
  • A sneak peek into the upcoming technical book, on Agile practices
  • The five principles related to Agility in an organizational context
  • A sampler fable of the hare and the rabbit race