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Many stories play out in our lives.

Listen to a lively chat between Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting and Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO of Progress Software, talking about

  • How he got into IIT
  • How a joystick that got him into programming
  • His early interest in AI
  • Embedded code to Enterprise code
  • Building a distributed relational database
  • Building on something that he already knew, to get into completely new areas, such as marketing
  • His thoughts on ‘AI in everything’
  • How technology can be considered additive
  • Integrating multiple products to create value for the users
  • Looking at acquisitions also based on clear use cases
  • Some of the cultural challenges in integrating different products [and teams] and mutual respect – for values, culture, background etc
  • The importance of explaining the why to everyone, to get them on board
  • His approach of teaming young professionals with much more seniors, soon after he took charge and the benefits
  • His thoughts on the open source model and the nativescript project
  • What he hears as one of the top expectations from his customers
  • His advice to aspiring IT professionals, based on his own experience
  • And finally, his experience in the transition from a techie to a leader

A technologist at heart, Yogesh Gupta is passionate about how technology can make life simpler—both for businesses and individuals. Since joining Progress in October 2016 as its President and Chief Executive Officer, he has strengthened the company’s market position, improved customer relationships, launched new products, acquired three companies and significantly improved operating margins and cash flow. Progress has also refreshed its Board of Directors, increasing the diversity of the Board with four new independent members to build a strong new leadership team that can drive further success.  

Prior to joining Progress, Yogesh was President and Chief Executive Officer at Kaseya, Inc., a private equity-backed software company providing IT management software solutions to managed service providers. Before Kaseya, he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of FatWire Software, a VC-backed marketing automation software company. He led FatWire through the great recession and doubled its revenue over four years, leading to a successful exit to Oracle. A 30-year software industry veteran,

Yogesh held several corporate officer roles at CA Inc., including the role of Chief Technology Officer for five years and Chief Strategy Officer and head of M&A for two years.   A recognized expert in emerging technologies and industry trends as well as a published author, Yogesh holds a patent in the field of neural networks. He earned a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He also serves on the boards of Beth Israel Lahey Health System (BILHS) and Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC).