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In this episode, Chitra from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Padmaja Narsipur, Founder and CEO of Clearly Blue Digital where she shares her journey and experiences on

  • Starting a career in Software and how she became a tech writer.
  • Moving to being a solopreneur  – The Clearly Blue Story
  • Having to bring her career to a halt & discover new things to do;
  • Free lancing and the hamster wheel
  • Self management & time management
  • Discipline of free lancing to enjoy flexibility
  • What it takes to be a good tech writer  
  • Creating a workplace that she wants to come to & for anyone who wants to work there
  • Capitalizing on information assets through a digital & social presence online; beyond likes & shares; building brands,  
  • Defining user experience and managing media channels
  • Harmonizing with AI, balancing information, tech and nurturing one’s imagination
  • How businesses need to navigate the digital world to build better products
  • Message for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • On being a mother 

Padmaja Narsipur heads Clearly Blue Digital, a Bengaluru-based content design firm with practices in content marketing and e-learning. Her background is in Computer Science and Physics. She has previously worked with Intel Corp at Santa Clara, CA, after which she enjoyed a solopreneur career as a Consultant Writer and Manager in technical and business-centred projects for some of the world’s biggest firms before launching Clearly Blue.

Padmaja is a passionate student of human interactions with technology; and about the ways we learn and grow. She lives in Jigani (rural Bengaluru), with a supportive husband, three teenagers, one unruly puppy and a riot of serene guppies.