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Hope you had a wonderful start to the new year.

This episode is special for multiple reasons.

This is one of the few episodes when I had the conversation with a guest in person – and that was also video recorded, with a fireplace in the background, on a cold day!

You would be able to watch this conversation as a video on the PM Power youtube channel.

This episode was recorded in November, 2022 – much before ChatGPT was made available to the public and the subsequent increased interest.

My guest today, Steven Aberle, is a founder of a company that is in stealth mode, working on domain aware, Large Language model based processing for very niche applications.

In this conversation, Steven shares

  • How he joined the military half way through college and then went back to finish his studies
  • Getting interested in IT during the military service
  • Navigating away from the back end to the front and, focusing on how the users interact with the systems
  • Being in the Washington DC area, getting to work on Defense related areas
  • Working on defense proposals, that need to be technical, unique and bring out the uniqueness of the proposed approach
  • Creating a piece of patented technology for domain aware generative AI, based on Large Language models and transformers
  • The challenge for small technology companies to break into the defense procurement space
  • Couple of challenges with the open LLMs
  • Trained on open content available, thereby missing contextual insights that are more valuable
  • None of the data that is generated, can be attributed to the source material [explainable AI]
  • How he organizes his own learning even when moving across specialization areas
  • It is always about the data
  • His exposure and experience with ETL approaches, including working with unstructured data
  • About being a full stack engineer, to be aware of many areas
  • Not be as much of an expert as one may want to be in any one area, but connect the learnings to the new areas as well
  • His approach for being a T-shaped individual, going deep into LLM, on how they are trained 
  • Transformers are the next big wave now, after the cloud a couple of decades ago
  • The concept or role of a solutions architect and how that may be implemented in a large language model
  • Aspects related to LLMs and content / data more than just text, to also include images, figure descriptions etc
  • How generative AI has made the life of graphic designers / UX specialists much easier
  • Capturing conversations with solutions architects, use a transformer to generate a proposal-language based output

His answer to that question and a lot more – including questions he asked me, related to startups – effectively making role reversal – the guest becoming the host!

Steven Aberle is the Co-Founder of The Rohirrim, a start-up bringing Domain-Aware Generative AI to the Enterprise. He has 18 years of leadership and executive-level technology capacities and is a recognized expert in unstructured data processing at scale. Steve holds the patent for Domain-Aware Generative AI, Generative Stitching and Vector-Attributable Large Language Models.

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