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Conversation with a RPA, AI and ML Lead, Anuradha Venkatesh, at Ford with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting on 

  • Starting her journey as a civil engineer and built bridges and several civil projects
  • After taking a career break during childbirth, Anuradha stepped into software thinking that its easier
  • She started in Geographic Information System as she stepped into software development and quickly became their MIS manager
  • Anu shares her exciting journey across Java, BI Dev and RPA technologies while solving real problems with innovation and focus
  • Anuradha covers some of the interesting stories on keeping her day enjoyable and having fun with everything you do
  • How she keeps learning at the core even if there was lot of trepidation in the recent leap with RPA and soon going into ecommerce
  • Anu shares her wisdom on how she’s chosen to travel for work based on impact that creates for the family and the risk it takes to make the change
  • Anu shares her perspective on Data security and how one has to have a balance while using apps and understand personalization benefits
  • Anu talks about being the first engineer in the extended family and talking about choice of his father to have got her married after 10th standard
  • Shares RPA story – Consider bots as another system in the team without any knowledge of system and people boundaries
  • Creating a new frontier using image search and AI ML coming together would revolutionize day to day work
  • As a takeaway she asks everyone not to tag themselves in a specific bucket – be open and continue to explore


Anuradha Venkatesh has spent over 25 years in the software industry; working on application delivery, business strategy, captive management and vendor management specialties. She’s the RPA, AI and ML lead for Ford Motor company


She started her career as a civil engineer working in Kolkata and Mumbai. She stepped into software development after she took a break due to childbirth. She was a MIS manager for a GIS firm. She joined as a java developer in Hexaware in 2000. She later took up several interesting programs in Java and became a program manager. She joined HP in 2008 as a Sr. program manager and made the switch to ERP and BI systems. 


In 2016, she joined Ford motor company. She continues in Ford right now. Anuradha is the RPA and ML lead for the marketing team within Ford.


Throughout her career, she has been recognized for bringing excellent relationship management and program management capabilities to the table. She’s also known to look at different ways of making delivery models effective. 


Anuradha passed out of NIT, Warangal.


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