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In this podcast episode, Gayatri Kalyanaraman is in conversation with Bindu Sunil, Sector Head and Engineering Director – Cloud Data Platforms and AI in Wipro.  

  • Bindu started her carrier in Kirloskar as a design engineer for alternators.
  • She then moved to Tata Elxsi as an embedded developer
  • Bindu shares her experience of building the teams being a techie at heart
  • Learnt the basics of cloud right at the beginning of 2012
  • Shares her growth story within Wipro cloud 
  • Talks about being Cloud advisory, program director, cloud center of excellence within Wipro
  • She then moved to become a practice leader in the cloud platform
  • Bindu shares how she has rediscovered herself from embedded engineer to Cloud Practice head
  • Bindu shares how her perspective changed from a constraint based environment on embedded to cloud

Bindu Sunil is the Director of Engineering with 21 years of experience, developing and applying new technologies to manage and deliver complex projects spanning Internet Scale Computing, Cloud platforms, AI/ML in Medical Devices and Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Electrical manufacturing domains on Data platforms, AI, Cloud (AWS), Embedded Systems, and Firmware technologies. R&D leadership in various roles – engineering manager, program manager, delivery manager, cloud consultant, and practice lead.

Bindu can be reached at