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Santa is the scrum master for the DevOps team. She just took over as a scrum master and found the team highly functioning. They are working on many initiatives going as well as keeping up with the plethora of service requests that are coming their way.

Santhosh is the Product lead for DevOps and he found that there are many requests that were coming in the field of cloud setup and cloud automation. The type of skills and timing required were quite different from the DevOps team. He has also found that his peers are forking a separate team for Cloud reliability. This is particularly critical when the organization is trying to scale their cloud efforts

If you were in Santa’s role, how will you go about setting up the Cloud Reliability Team?

  1. Look at the type of skills that you would look for
  2. Initial set of objectives that the team could undertake
  3. How would you organize their work intake.
  4. Any thoughts on initial backlog