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In this episode, I continue my conversation with our guest Robert Cooke, founder of 3forge, a provider of data virtualization and visualization technology. In this conversation, Robert shares 

  • What was the startup bug that bit him.. The urge to reinvent how software is developed based on experience, after getting a feeling that 90% of the code written is quite similar across teams and organizations and how that can be a base for reuse
  • Solve it once, solve it well, reuse it.
  • His approach to abstracting many of the operations needed, for example, the user interface widgets and experience, to reduce the work needed to create and deploy solutions quickly
  • The  story behind the name of his company 3forge — started asForge financial framework and then evolved into 3forge
  • His thoughts on processing data in real time v/s in batch or offline mode 
  • His thoughts on defensive coding and a 2 minute intro to defensive coding
  • How he manages his time and what stresses him

Robert Cooke is the Founder and Principal Architect at 3Forge, a New York-based provider of data virtualization and visualization technology. 3Forge has achieved significant growth over the years as a result of increasing demand for its award-winning, web-based browser AMI platform.

Robert’s accomplishments have spanned across electronic trading, middle and back office, regulatory reporting, compliance and risk management.

His LinkedIn profile: