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In this conversation, with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting, Ramesh Emani shares

  • Starting his career with Tata Burroughs and after 3 years moved to Wipro Infotech, at that time – and stayed on for 25 years
  • Being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug when he was almost 50, with a desire to have a startup before he retired
  • How he became a manager in his second project itself, with less than 2 years of experience and had to manage most team members who were senior to him
  • His principle of spending only 50% of his time in ‘management’ work and take up some individual contribution goals as well
  • His tips for sharing the workload with the team(s)
  • How he chose areas where he can add greater value and started focusing on them
  • The importance of getting an executive level understanding of technology
  • That one should always be a student, in the tech business
  • His experience of being a business leader – getting and servicing a large account and being the first sales person in the US for his company
  • What he learnt and why he enjoys the role of a Business Unit head
  • About being comfortable with ambiguity and making the ambitions, possible
  • How and why failing is not failure and being ready to take calculated risks 
  • About how he picked up healthcare as the domain for his startup Why you need more doers in a startup
  • The role of meetings and how to carry the team with you in an organizational transition
  • What retirement means to him and his hobbies
  • His secret to avoid burnout

Ramesh Emani can be reached via LinkedIn