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In conversation with Coaching Guru, Sivakumar from PM Power Consulting , he shares experiences with Gayatri from PM Power Consulting on his journey

  • Discovered passion in a cascading manner by way of experimenting
  • Enjoyed starting in software as a full stack engineer
  • Software projects are social organizations that needs to be nurtured
  • Understanding of fulcrum and levers that you have to balance people and capability development
  • Stories of two contrasting software deliveries – One with a large development project that started off with great fanfare ends up in legal tussle – Second that starts with many SLAs ends up with customer accolades
  • Bridge between the two lies alignment of vision, trust and teamwork
  • Changes are evident now in business investing energy and effort in technology teams 
  • Stakeholder and People management – two sides of the same coin to manage culture, communication
  • Can you become a person of influence – providing support, person of values and continuous beacon to facilitate conversations
  • Highly momentous time personally to let go of control and let the team do their work
  • Being a coach, Shiv points out various dimensions he’s found to add value based on the situation – as a mentor, agile custodian 
  • Imparting learning through story telling and case study nuggets
  • Experiment early and understand your passions like Shiv has found passion for writing caselets/stories/monographs
  • Find an unforgiving mentor to hold you to high standards or an uncomfortable mirror early in your career

Shiv can be reached at  and   Gayatri can be contacted at