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In this conversation, Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting talks to Smita BS, Delivery Head at Torry Harris Integration Solutions.

Smita shares her perspectives on:

  • The various roles she has played over the 17 years of her career across multiple industry verticals
  • Starting as a developer and creating frameworks for testing
  • How her mentors trusted her to take on new responsibilities and provided guidance
  • The advice she got from one of her mentors about not drawing self imposed boundaries
  • How getting a broader view would be very useful in future career roles
  • How she got an opportunity to experience a production issue related to code developed by her team earlier
  • How she consciously pays it forward to mentor her team members
  • Her transition to a leadership role, when, possibly overnight, some peers became members in her team
  • How she learnt the importance and art of delegation when one takes up increasing responsibilities
  • How she was able to not be stressed when taking on more responsibility and delegating
  • How she enabled learning from each other in her team
  • Finding the personal balance with work and two kids
  • About her spouse also being an IT professional in terms of conversations at home
  • Her advice for new entrants to the IT profession

Smita has been in the IT Industry for close to 17 years now with experience in various domains like telecom, healthcare, energy management, retail, banking. She started her journey as a developer and has had a fair share of varied roles throughout her career, as she moved onto testing, operational support, configuration management then onto technical team leadership and management roles as release management, migration projects and project & program management. Currently she is a delivery head in Torry Harris Integration Solutions for Integration and Digital projects for certain customer accounts. On the personal front, she is an alumni of BMS College of Engineering, the batch of 2003. She is passionate about art, and a doting mother of two boys and loves baking.