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5 Year Strategy PLanning

Strategic consulting on organization transformation & organization building for a large European automotive IT major



Billion parent automotive company

Year strategy planning



Size of the organization in 1 year

Strategic Consulting on Organization Transformation & Organization Building for a large European Automotive IT organization

Our client is a IT subsidiary supporting a $ 40 billion parent Automotive company, which is a world leader in commercial transportation. They support their parent group, and provide end-to-end IT Services to many other external organizations in the areas of IT Infrastructure Management, Application Development and Maintenance and IT Consulting. In line with their parent company globalization efforts, our client is expanding their global IT presence. As part of this, they planned to enhance operations at their India center and scale it to be their second largest center in the world.

The Challenge

Though our client had their India center operating for almost a decade, they started their rapid growth and expansion in 2009. Their parent automotive company already had a strong brand presence in India, but establishing the IT brand and attracting and retaining talent from amongst the large Indian IT Industry was a major challenge. Other challenges included establishing organization structure, the leadership team, systems and processes, governance mechanisms etc., to scale up the organization, transitioning the work from European centres, harnessing Indian partner IT companies, delivering solutions and services through globally distributed teams, etc.


The client engaged PM Power on a long term Strategic Consulting assignment after evaluating other alternative providers. During the first one-year engagement, PM Power added significant value to the client in the areas of:

  • Organization Design: Helping in defining the organization structure, roles and responsibilities of senior managers, defining job descriptions for senior leaders and helping sourcing & recruiting senior leaders.
  • Strategy Planning: Facilitated 5-year strategy planning and annual business planning exercises through innovative mind map approaches, by engaging the leadership team. Facilitated creation, prioritization and execution of organizational initiatives.
  • EstablishingOperational Enablement through streamlining of Cross-Functional Processes by bringing multi-organization and multi-department teams together in alignment & integration using Cross-Functional Process Mapping approaches from Six Sigma.
  • EstablishingDelivery Excellence by bringing global processes, methods & tools and governance into deployment using Process Mapping approaches from Six Sigma.
  • Articulated Branding & Positioningto bring out the strength of the Customer organization to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive job market.
  • Harnessing the Partners: The client’s strategy is to leverage 70% of the resources through Partner IT companies in India. Helped in establishing engagement model with partners and establishing joint Delivery mechanisms.
  • Change Management: Helped the client on the softer aspects of mindset & culture changes (e.g. New Paradigms for Knowledge Era), team dynamics, coaching the leaders, providing guidance on the people issues etc.

The Outcome



PM Power has been engaged with the client since 2009. Their organization has doubled in size during the past year and has established a strong foundation in terms of organization structure, leadership team, processes and systems and partners.



PM Power has created a bond of trust and established credibility with the client not only in India but also in other centers in Europe.



PM Power is included in the client’s Management team and in many of the key strategic decisions and communications.



The client has proactively referred PM Power to other companies in many instances.

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