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Software People Stories: The Origin Story

The Software People Stories podcast started as Software Lifecycle Stories podcast with an intent to bring stories of what worked and sometimes, what did not, as shared by practitioners to help fellow practitioners.

What began as a channel to share stories related to technology, soon morphed into the personal stories of passion, achievements and world views. With guests from across the world sharing their stories, the Software People Stories has grown in the listenership also across the globe.

The three hosts of the show bring their own styles of conversation to uncover some untold stories of the guests in a breezy, unscripted conversation format.

The milestone of a hundred episodes [plus some specials in between, prompted by the pandemic] makes all of us happy that we have been able to contribute to the collective knowledge related to the creation or consumption of software based solutions.

These stories have touched upon varied topics such as how they have been a lifelong learners and teachers, how they have seen the change within themselves – while bringing in transformational thinking and actions in their organizations. We also heard stories of creating brand new firms and the entrepreneurial spirit as well as shutting down operations and giving it to someone else. Some also shared how their life partners played a pivotal role in managing the work, life and everything in between.

It is our way of paying it forward to inspire more people to stay in the journey and continue to inspire many many more. The feedback that we get from you, our listeners, keeps us going and aspire to do even more. If we have been able to trigger some thoughts that lead you to answers in your quests, we feel we have made some difference.

If you would like to share your stories, we are all ears!

100th episode celebration: What our guests are saying…

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Shiv Sivaguru

I love connecting with people – and tell stories.

This podcast enables me to combine both these interests and through these conversations create a rich repository of experiences, many of which are evergreen and ever relevant.



Chitra Gurjar

I discovered another voice by being a podcast host. I love meeting different people and this medium has enabled both guest and host to unravel stories of experiences that I believe are creating an eternal source of learning and inspiration for all. The path of podcasting has enriched me as a coach and consultant in my journey of offering our services to organizations around agility and building great products and services.

Gayatri D Kalyanaraman

I am an agile coach and a digital evangelist helping clients in maximizing business value using Technology as a strategic lever.  I owe it to the Software industry for performing various roles across Agile coaching and transformation, agile change and transition management, technology consulting and strategic sourcing. This podcast is my way of telling untold stories and inspiring many others taking a similar journey and helping to stand on my shoulders.

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Earlier this month, our podcast received a 4-mic rating🎤🎤🎤🎤 and a wonderful review in the Podcast Magazine 🧾 ((July issue, page #105)! Their Technology Category Director, Laura Steward said – “This show would make an excellent addition to your playlist if you are in software development, want to be, or perhaps lead a team of developers. The insights gleaned from guests on their development and creative processes are exceptional…”


"Mirror to reality"

I have been an ardent follower of Software People Stories, there is so much reflection of me and the people I have seen around me in the podcast here no dramatization is what makes is different. The people within PM Power have been through the real grind. It clearly shows up. Keep it up!"

Sudhakar Suga
Managing Partner - Starlly

"An addiction"

Thanks for bringing out so many inspiring stories, Software People Stories. This is becoming an addiction for me!

Geetha Raju,
Team lead, IBM india


"Cannot thank you enough for the amazing conversation we had! Lot of old memories re-lived during this. Like I always say, power to you - keep shining bright!"

Nalini Krishnan
Head of competency mgmt, tcs

"My first attempt at a podcast. Thank you for hosting me. I truly enjoyed sharing my thoughts on #design, #developers and #technology through this medium"

Nimisha Mukherjee,
Engineering manager, redhat

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