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Body Scan

This is a great relaxation technique. This is best done before going to sleep.


Lie down relaxed with palms by the side of your thighs facing up.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and exhale fully; take another deep breath and exhale fully.

Take your attention to the top of the head; observe the soft spot at the center of the head.

Slowly move the attention to the forehead; Observe any tension/stiffness in the forehead & eyebrows; Relax the forehead and eyebrows.

Take the attention to eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, lips; Put a smile on the face. Observe the breath flowing gently in and out.

Move the attention to neck.

Slowly take the attention to shoulders. Observe any tension and stiffness in the shoulders; Relax the shoulders – let them loose.

Take the attention to both the arms. Relax the arms – leave them hanging loose.

Move the observation to both the palms; observe any sensations in the palms; Stay observing the palms.

Take the observation back to shoulders.

Move the attention to heart and chest; observe the heart pulsating; observe the chest expanding & contracting as you breathe gently.

Move the attention to stomach, hips, thighs, feet; Observe the sensations in the soles.

Move the attention back to thighs, hips, stomach, chest, shoulder, neck, face.

Observe the breath gently flowing in and out.

Observe the whole body.

Slowly, very slowly open the eyes.

Be with the body sensations, feelings with eyes open.

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