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Balanced Breathing

This is a technique of breathing through alternate nostrils. This is called as Naadi Shodhana Pranayama in Yogic practices. This helps to calm down the mind and bring balance of IQ & EQ aspects in life. This can be done anytime except when stomach is full – allow at least two hours after food for doing this practice.

Sit relaxed with your back and head straight.

Keep the left hand at the pelvic region with palm facing up.

Keep the index finger & middle finger of right hand folded and use thumb & ring figure to close the right & left nostrils alternatively.

Close your eyes.

Start with exhaling through left nostril by closing the right nostril with thumb;

Then inhale through left nostril.

Then exhale through right nostril by closing the left nostril with ring finger.

Then inhale through right nostril.

Keep breathing through alternate nostrils as gently, smoothly and slowly as possible.

Keep breathing deeply & slowly like this for at least 5 minutes.

Observe to make sure that head is kept straight and right hand is hanging down vertically while doing the practice.

Slowly open the eyes.

Be with the body & breath feelings with eyes open for 30 seconds.

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