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Leadership In Knowledge Era Workshop

Leadership operates at three levels – Applied Leadership, Extrinsic Leadership and Intrinsic Leadership. 

Intrinsic Leadership has much to do with Emotional Intelligence and the science of managing Mind & Energy. Techniques to manage Mind & Energy include Mindfulness practices, Yoga, Meditation and Breathing exercises.

The LiKE workshop is a two day residential program targeted at senior and mid-level leaders, delivered by experts using presentations, videos, live exercises and games, along with Mindfulness and Yoga practices. The program is rounded with two follow-up sessions of one hour each to assist in implementation of practices in work and personal life.

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Understanding the context of knowledge enterprises and knowledge workers, and the role of leaders in effectively harnessing that context
  • Managing self-motivation and motivation in teams
  • Enhancing collaboration in teams
  • Importance of managing oneself – one’s own Mind, Energy, Emotions & Feelings and dealing with Stress
  • Tools & Techniques to manage self – Mindfulness &Yoga practices to enhance one’s effectiveness
  • Inputs from seasoned leadership coaches and expert classical Hata Yoga teachers

Leadership In Knowledge Era Coaching

Four 1:1 coaching session spread over two months at your workplace to help apply LiKE practices in your specific context. This is only for those who have earlier attended the two day LiKE workshop.

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