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Mindful Leadership

In this era of impatience, you need to keep your head cool and above the waterline – to be an effective leader, whether your direct sphere of influence is just your own contributions or a much larger team with ambitious goals.

When you are constantly bombarded with distractions or competing topics and issues that demand your attention, you must make sure that your emotions and time do not get sucked into these, but stay focused on the outcomes you wish to create.

You need to apply mindful practices to be in charge of your situations – in the work or personal lives.

Mindfulness is about
being in the Present Moment with full Awareness
of what is happening within oneself (thoughts, feelings, emotions, …) and outside (situations, people)
and Responding wisely & consciously rather than Reacting compulsively.

Based on our work with individuals, teams and organizations, PM Power Consulting has evolved a simple framework – MindPower – to help you Manage outside, by Mastering inside.

By cultivating techniques that help you be aware of the moment, you can more effectively sense what is inside as well as outside and choose your response, with conscious self regulation. Your actions of response would be guided by Empathy, that will help you manage outside with full awareness.

Mindfulness is a proven, practical approach to enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is the bedrock of Leadership. By enhancing Awareness and Empathy, Mindfulness expands respect for diversity which is the source of innovation and collaboration. With improved mental calmness, Focus & Attention, Mindfulness improves productivity, reduces stress and increases one’s engagement at work.

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Mindfulness for Agility

In my Agile workshops I ask participants a question: ‘What pictures come to your mind, when we talk about Agility?’ Some of the typical answers are Cheetah, Squirrel or Dolphin etc. Then I ask them what aspects of them relate to Agility in their mind? Typical...

Take Pride in what you do!

Pride follows when we do things with a sense of ownership. Ownership of our work. What is this sense of ownership? How much do I really own up? After all, I am following orders; my role expects me to deliver in certain areas; my responsibilities are well documented...

Mindfulness Matters

During the lunch break after my presentation on ‘Mindfulness at Work – Accelerating Agility Culture’ in Agile India conference recently in Bangalore, a gentleman walked up to me and asked whether we are conducting any Mindfulness workshop in the near future. I thought...

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