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Mindful Leadership

As individual contributors or with the responsibility to achieve with a team, Mindfulness practices help individuals to be more productive. Mindfulness helps enhance & accelerate Agility Culture through personal transformation.

Agility is about:

  • Staying focused on the goal:: focus, clarity of vision
  • Being an aligned team:: empathy
  • Closely observing the progress:: sense, perceive,
  • Adapting as you go along:: process non-judgmentally and respond, rather than react

Mindfulness is a way to enhance one’s effectiveness, by paying attention with intent. Being Aware of oneself and outside situations, one can respond to situations better rather than react impulsively.

By increasing the focus on the intention, one can be more effective in any role and demonstrate leadership qualities – Impacting outcomes by BEING (MQ) and DOING (IQ) with EQ.

The BE-Do Framework of Mindfulness

BE-DO Framework of Mindfulness at Work is a framework for Being Mindful and Doing with Mindfulness. A tree metaphor is used to describe it.

Stronger and deeper the roots, better are the branches, leaves and fruits.  Just like the roots are below the surface and not visible, so are the Being Mindful qualities which are not very visible, but they manifest in the outside through Doing Mindfully like the leaves and fruits of the tree. Mindfulness is a tool to Master the Inside better – manage mind, thinking, emotions, etc. through which one can Manage Outside better.

Being Mindful is being Aware, Alive and Calm. This is achieved through various Mindfulness techniques.

Doing Mindful is about

  • Perceiving Immersively through Active Listening, sensitive Sensing and Observing keenly.
  • Processing the inputs Non-judgementally without filters/biases through Accepting people & situations as they are, Self-regulating the thoughts & emotions and Sense-making by connecting the dots to get the full big picture.
  • Performing Empathetically through Caring and acting with Courage and Balance.

BE-DO Framework provides a comprehensive approach to practising Being Mindful and applying it to work & life situations.

PM Power’s MindPower Series of offerings on Mindfulness help

  • Individual Contributors
  • Managers and
  • Senior Leaders

in organizations to enhance and accelerate the culture of Agility

Essentially Software happens in peoples’ minds – collective minds. Individuals’ ability to manage their minds determines the personal and team Productivity, Quality and Creativity.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a critical success factor for working of collective minds – collaboration, communication and nurturing diversity for innovation.

Mindful Leadership is an approach to developing Emotional Intelligence which is the bedrock of Leadership.

Under our MindPower Series of offerings, you can request for:

  • One hour obligation-free Introductory session on Mindfulness@Work
  • Half Day Mindfulness@Work workshop followed by 6 weeks of support for internalizing the practices
  • Two Day deep dive Mindfulness@Work workshop followed by 6 weeks of support for internalizing the practices
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