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Mindful Leadership

Agility is the ability to Sense & Respond – Sense comprehensive Market/Customer needs proactively and Respond with Solutions rapidly, on a continued basis, adapting to changes quickly.

Agility requires organization/team/individual to perceive the market/customer context immersively, process it without bias/filter/judgement and perform with empathy.

Mindfulness is about Awareness and Attention – being focused and open.

BE-DO Framework of Mindfulness at Work is a framework for Being Mindful and Doing with Mindfulness. A tree metaphor is used to describe it.

Stronger and deeper the roots, better are the branches, leaves and fruits. Though being below the surface and not so visible, Being Mindful drives the more visible actions and behaviours of Doing with Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a tool to Master the Inside better – manage mind, thinking, emotions, etc. through which one can Manage Outside better. Mindfulness is a way to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) which is the bedrock of Leadership.

Being Mindful is about being Aware, Alive and Calm. This is achieved through various Mindfulness techniques.

Doing Mindful is about

  • Perceiving Immersively through Active Listening, sensitive Sensing and Observing keenly.
  • Processing the inputs Non-judgementally without filters/biases through Accepting people & situations as they are, Self-regulating the thoughts & emotions and Sense-making by connecting the dots to get the full big picture.
  • Performing Empathetically through Caring and acting with Courage and Balance.

BE-DO Framework provides a comprehensive approach to practicing Being Mindful and applying it into work & life situations.

By enhancing Awareness and Empathy, Mindfulness expands respect for diversity which is the source of innovation and collaboration. With improved mental calmness, Mindfulness improves productivity, reduces stress and increases one’s engagement at work.

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During the lunch break after my presentation on ‘Mindfulness at Work – Accelerating Agility Culture’ in Agile India conference recently in Bangalore, a gentleman walked up to me and asked whether we are conducting any Mindfulness workshop in the near future. I thought...

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