CHOW – The Challenge of the Week

Challenge of The Week

Welcome to the Chow – the Challenge of the week!

This section will highlight some of the challenges we face in our work situations – sometimes bordering on the personal aspects as well.

These are situations that may not be classified as black or white. While there could be some good practices and patterns to handle these, the actual resolution will depend on the specific context and the disposition of the person solving the challenge at that time.

Over time, with your active participation, we hope that for every situation, we can get a broader perspective of how different people have managed the situation.

Please feel free to

  • share your perspective on how the situation can be approached
  • describe what has worked – and what has not, in your own experience
  • pose your own related or additional challenges to hear from others

The Challenges will usually be open for two weeks before the suggestions from PM Power coaches are published.

Recent Challenges

CHOW #76- Beyond buying pizzas!

When talking about a manager’s role in supporting a Scrum team, people often say, that a key thing is buying pizzas for team members every now and then! While pizzas are great especially when they come free, as a senior leader – say, a Director of Engineering two...

CHOW #75- Technical story writing

Aryan has been the product owner in a large financial organization for the last 18 months. After finishing his B-School, he found it slightly hard to get the grasp of story writing. He invested time to understand and empathise with the users goals and priorities and...

CHOW #74- Persona: Roles, Pains and Gains

Say, we are building a product for K12 segment.  We may map School Principal of a particular segment in the following manner: (Disclaimer: This is just an example. Resemblance to any individual or organization, if any, is not intended, may only be a coincidence)...

CHOW #73- Painting the big picture

Rohit is managing a team that has newly transitioned to agile for the past few months. Over these months, across multiple sprints – the team has been regularly preparing stories for sprints. As part of sprint planning –  they estimate stories using story points and...

CHOW #72– Time to learn what you want to

David underwent a three month long technical training on software development in the multinational software services company, which he joined upon completion of his undergraduate studies in Computer Science. Just as he finished his training, he was assigned to a...

CHOW #71– Unlimited Uses of Limiting WIP

BlockBusters is a team using Kanban. They have been getting noticed of late for missed SLAs and defective deliveries. There were some changes in the team as new members have joined the team and some additional support work has got added to their existing work. In the...

CHOW #69– Never enough time

I have recently joined a GIC as a Delivery Manager looking after a portfolio of projects and support engagements for the U.S. parent. John is a Project Manager looking after one of the support engagements. John has grown fast as the GIC grew in India and has taken on...


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