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CHOW – The Challenge of the Week

Challenge of The Week
Welcome to the Chow – the Challenge of the week!

This section will highlight some of the challenges we face in our work situations – sometimes bordering on the personal aspects as well.

These are situations that may not be classified as black or white. While there could be some good practices and patterns to handle these, the actual resolution will depend on the specific context and the disposition of the person solving the challenge at that time.

Over time, with your active participation, we hope that for every situation, we can get a broader perspective of how different people have managed the situation.

Please feel free to

  • share your perspective on how the situation can be approached
  • describe what has worked – and what has not, in your own experience
  • pose your own related or additional challenges to hear from others

The Challenges will usually be open for two weeks before the suggestions from PM Power coaches are published.

Recent Challenges
CHOW # 195 – Dependencies causing delay

CHOW # 195 – Dependencies causing delay

The Scrum Team that I was coaching, was one time struggling to finish the items that they have taken up for a sprint.  They could not meet the sprint goal.  This was discussed in the retrospective, and team brought up dependencies on another Scrum Team which...

CHOW #194 – Is experimentation doomed?

CHOW #194 – Is experimentation doomed?

Arvind a super Scrum Master has been an ardent proponent of test and experiment. He was the Scrum Master for two teams. Govinda the manager of the two teams had his regular catch up with the teams. He said the current covid environment has made the market uncertain....

Chow #192 – Conflicting Methods

Chow #192 – Conflicting Methods

You are coaching John, a Product Owner, in prioritization techniques. The team predominantly works on small enhancements alongside a few major functional epics. Small enhancement features are grouped into a couple of Maintenance epics in the tool. Road-map has been...

Challenge of the Week (CHOW #191) – Jest Kidding!

Refer to the blog WFH – Child’s Play for the context of this CHOW. The Child has been overhearing her WFH Dad's calls for quite a while now. Since Dad always had his ear phones on, the Child could hear only one side of the conversations. Despite that, the Child has...

CHOW #190 – The foolish king

CHOW #190 – The foolish king

Here is a fable. The challenge is to figure out what Agile value or principle (the words ‘value’ and ‘principle’ is used in its general sense) is taught in this fable. There was once a king of a small kingdom. The kingdom had lived in peace for a long time. The king...

Chow #189 – Getting over the lockdown fatigue

Chow #189 – Getting over the lockdown fatigue

The last 3 weeks now felt like an extended honeymoon. Janardhan was happy, his team was also happy. Everyone enjoyed the freedom of working from home – in their pajamas and still be fully engaged in the work. Team productivity was higher than when they were together...


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