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CHOW – The Challenge of the Week

Challenge of The Week
Welcome to the Chow – the Challenge of the week! This section will highlight some of the challenges we face in our work situations – sometimes bordering on the personal aspects as well. These are situations that may not be classified as black or white. While there could be some good practices and patterns to handle these, the actual resolution will depend on the specific context and the disposition of the person solving the challenge at that time. Over time, with your active participation, we hope that for every situation, we can get a broader perspective of how different people have managed the situation.
Please feel free to
  • share your perspective on how the situation can be approached
  • describe what has worked – and what has not, in your own experience
  • pose your own related or additional challenges to hear from others
The Challenges will usually be open for two weeks before the suggestions from PM Power coaches are published.
Recent Challenges

CHOW# 160 – Stepping into new shoes

Akhil is a seasoned engineering senior manager at a technology company. He has led and guided many successful projects including ones that have complex architectures to scale and deliver high availability platforms. His organization has recently decided to adopt agile...

Chow #158 – Demand vs Capacity

Ajit is a scrum master with some experience in leading an agile team. He has been assigned to a new team and he finds the team in the middle of their first sprint planning meeting. The product owner (PO) is relatively new to his role and has gone through the required...

CHOW #156 – Coaching to overcome impediments

A development team (DT) of five people is developing a new software product for remote monitoring of diesel engines to enable improved preventive maintenance and lower servicing costs. A significant part of the product is to process large amounts of data coming from...

Chow # 157 – How many statuses do I need?

Chirag was a new lateral joinee to one of the teams that I had coached. After his first week, Chirag approached me with a question:  How many statuses should I define in my workflow, so that I know where exactly a story is, so that I can intervene as a scrum...

Chow #154 – What are you committed to?

Ram is heading delivery in a 120-member software services and e-commerce start-up. He has been there from the beginning, almost 3 years, and has the trust of the founders. It has been a hard road in terms of hours of work – late nights and week-ends. Ram has shown...

Chow #153 – Chapter Leads’ Challenges

In one of our Customer engagements, the organization is transitioning to Spotify kind of Agile approach. In this context the role of Delivery/People Managers is changing to Chapter Leads. They form a matrix structure with Squad Leads. Their role is changing from...

Chow #152 – Are you done?

Mancini is a Product Owner. Based on the average velocity of the previous release (13 units of work), he estimated a new release of the product to take 7 Sprints. Development is 3 Sprints underway. Product Backlog has been stable. Over these first Sprints, the...


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