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Whether you are a small, single location team or part of a much larger, global organization – responsible for software and related solutions development, you need to continually add value to your customers to sustain and grow your business.

To do this, multiple aspects need to be addressed. These include

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Innovative solutioning approaches
  • Diversity in teams : both in terms of geographies and skill sets
  • Staying focused on the essential financial and operational parameters

Successful teams and organizations achieve these through a structured deployment of balanced strategies through techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard.

Two key axes that contribute to excellent organizational performance are Alignment and Integration.

Alignment is the vertical cascading of organizational goals to individual goals, while Integration addresses aspects related to teamwork and other cultural aspects that help achieve high-performance cross-functional teams that are focused on delivering value to customers.

In adopting these approaches, it is also critical to take a close look at the organizational structures and related process systems.

The contribution of leadership in such an exercise is extremely significant. Individual excellence in leadership as well as tracking and enabling self managed teams to perform at their best have been seen to accelerate the journey towards excellence as an organization.

PM Power principals have been part of successful initiatives in the above areas in their careers with various organizations.

We will be happy to share our experience to help you be succeed in your journey towards organizational excellence.

Some of the key services we offer include:
Dipstick Diagnostic of organizational dysfunctions
Leadership development
Organizational vision formulation and operationalization
Organization Design
Systems and processes, with good practices for alignment and integration
Leveraging collective wisdom of individuals, teams and organization units
Organizational performance metrics and governance
Guidance on adoption of excellence models such as Malcolm Baldrige or EFQM
 LiKE – Leadership in Knowledge Era

Please contact us for more information in any of the above, or for a freewheeling discussion on related topics.


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