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Welcome to the PM Power Academy, an Ecosystem for Growth

What is PM Power Academy?

PM Power Consulting has worked with multiple organizations coaching Project Managers and enhancing competencies of Delivery Managers. With that experience, PM Power Academy has been launched to provide an integrated and blended learning path for Managers engaged in project delivery.

The Academy is a forum where the needs of the community of practitioners and the experience of the coaches come together to address the required competencies for high performance. The trainers and coaches have been practitioners and bring their collective experience of having worked in multiple roles and in multiple organizations. We have coached 500+ Project Managers and impacted 150+ Delivery Managers.

At PM Power Academy, we believe Project Management is a blend of both the hard (science) aspects like estimation, time management and risk management, and the soft (art) aspects like responsibility, motivation and influencing. While conventional training programs tend to deal with the hard aspects and the soft aspects as independent tracks, our unique approach blends both the aspects for effective learning. As the individual grows in his/her career, the art part of project management concepts become more significant. We aim to bring a balance to this learning through the Academy. While knowledge can be transferred through training, contextual application of that knowledge is where the individual needs support.

The blended learning from PM Power Academy consists of:

  • e-learning modules on various topics of project management. These are designed and packaged in a way to help the practitioner take the course in manageable chunks, keeping in mind the day job and responsibilities.
  • A personal coach assigned to the individual who will work with him/her to address specific learning needs.
  • Workshops that are arranged from time to time, to address specific aspects of management and leadership. These workshops are conducted by experienced coaches from PM Power.
  • A number of practitioners from the industry who are co-learners and contributors to the Academy who bring their individual knowledge and experience.

Our current offering:

Applied Program for Project Management (APPM). This program is aimed at those currently playing the role of Project Manager and are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the science and art of project management. PM Power Academy employs multiple modes of competency building. Participant puts together a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with guidance from his/her manager and the coach. The participant would engage with the Academy for a period of four months to address the learning needs identified in the PDP. Workshops will focus on the typical challenges faced by Project Managers. Personal coaches will provide dedicated face time at monthly intervals during the learning period, for facilitating progress on the individual learning objectives

PM Power Academy endeavours to build true competency that aids professional growth in individuals, and contributes to organizational performance and responsiveness to business growth.

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