PM Competency Development

PM Competency Development

PM Competency Development

Project Managers are the pivots for change initiatives but are often not fully prepared for taking on the challenges of their role. While they can take advantage of training programs, the typical training offering goes only so far in preparing them to deal with real-life project situations. To address this lacuna, PM Power brings a holistic approach, focusing on comprehensive competency development and developed a framework called ProMentorSM. This framework has been extensively used since 2006 to the benefit of several hundred project managers in multiple organizations.

Please click the diagram below for more information on ProMentorSM.

ProMentorSM Framework

Based on the ProMentorSM framework, PM Power offers the following for project manager competency development:

In addition to assisting organizations in implementing full-scale competency development programs, PM Power can also provide standalone training and workshops in various project management topics. Our offerings such as “Building estimation competency”, “Metrics for decision making”, “Managing stakeholder scenarios”, “Effective Risk Management practice” and “Software Product Engineering” have been well-received.

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