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Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

  • Are you getting started with Agile for your software product delivery? Are you experiencing hiccups in getting the initiative to gain momentum and deliver results?
  • Have you perhaps already tried out Agile methods and not been entirely satisfied with the results? Are you considering what and how to “fix” and try again?
  • Or, have you tried Agile successfully and now looking to sustain it and scale it up?

If you are in any of the situations above, you would appreciate that Agile principles are simple in concept but not so simple in practice & sustenance. Due to this, several organizations would declare that they have adopted Agile but the value that they derive would have varied widely. Some would have surely succeeded in realizing the potential of Agile in terms of delivering improved value to customers and internal stakeholders. With others, Agile would have meant only adopting the “ceremonies” and isolated practices such as iteration planning, retrospectives and so on. In organizations where the leadership clearly understands the “big picture” of Agile and makes sure all the “moving parts” are addressed as needed, the Agile initiative picks up speed quickly and moves along nicely. In such cases, one can clearly see Agile deliver improved value in stages over a period of time. In other cases, it just gets stuck and eventually dismissed as yet another fad that failed.

Since 2006, we at PM Power Consulting have had a ring-side view of organizations adopting Agile and assisting them at every step of the way. This has given us a unique perspective of all the moving parts and how they need to be addressed in the initial adoption, sustenance and revival scenarios. A typical scenario in Agile adoption and associated PM Power services is shown below:


Agile services 3 tier


PM Power can provide valuable assistance to organizations in addressing the transitional as well as the sustenance challenges of Agile adoption. Our offerings include

  • Agile Readiness Assessment to determine the right candidate projects for transitioning using instruments developed by PM Power embodying past experience gained in such transitions
  • Coaching and mentoring directed at different levels in the organization addressing significant culture and mindset changes needed for the transition
  • Consulting assistance to integrate and align Agile with other organizational systems to create the right environment
  • Agile Effectiveness Assessment for on-going Agile projects to identify and incorporate improvements in Agile adoption and environmental aspects
  • Basic and Advanced Workshops for Agile teams as well as Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Functional Managers
  • Senior Management briefing and awareness sessions to help understand their role in making agile adoption successful in their teams

Work with us to experience Agile transformation in spirit to enable being Agile rather than just doing Agile.

The key benefits of PM Power’s Agile transformation services are:

  • Support for Agile adoption at different stages of a project: Startup, Turnaround and Accelerate to achieve improved value over time and getting the best out of Agile adoption
  • Address all moving parts across the organization – at the level of the organization unit, project teams and individual team members
  • Comprehensive coverage of management and engineering aspects of Agile adoption through workshops, team coaching and one-on-one coaching
  • Highly experienced consultants with a proven track record in Agile-related consulting & coaching

Please contact us if you need more information to help you with your Agile initiatives.



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